Crescent Hotels & Resorts

COVID-19 Response & Resources

Roles: Researcher, Visual Design & Prototyping
Duration: 2.5 weeks
Collaborators: Alex George & Eddie Kryschtal

Project Background

Crescent Hotels & Resorts is a privately owned, third party hotel management firm that manages major chain hotels such as Marriott, Hyatt and Hilton, as well as independent luxury brands.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Crescent’s portfolio of hotel clients have experienced a significant drop in revenue due to safety concerns of traveling and occupying shared spaces.

The Research

Overall Goal

We first set out to explore the full impact that COVID-19 had on the hotel industry as a whole, then Crescent Hotel and Resorts more specifically. Then, discover areas of support that could help Crescent during this time.

1:1 Interviews with Key Stakeholders:

We conducted interviews with Crescent’s VP of Client Relations, instrumental in gaining and maintaining new clientele, as well as a Baltimore-based General Manager, serving on the front lines of the hotel industry, trying to keep her location afloat.

Key Takeaways

Traveler Insights:

To gain a deeper perspective of how COVID-19 is influencing consumer perception of hotel stays, we conducted both a one-on-one interview and sought secondary industry research.

1:1 Interview Insights from a Frequents Business Traveler / Hotel Guest 

IDC (International Data Corp) Survey
1,500 US consumers asked how COVID-19 is influencing their travel

Heuristic Evaluation

Then it was assessing the current user interface design of the Crescent Hotels and Resorts’ website, as well as its separate intranet with 3 individual resource pages housing all of the COVID-19 resources for hotel management.

The Problem

How might Crescent Hotel and Resorts provide more efficient and timely COVID-19 resources and support to their front-line General Managers at their various hotel locations, as well as show hotel consumers the strength and proactiveness of their brand?

The Solution

We wanted to create a comprehensive COVID-19 resource hub that maintained vital and timely information, while also having an enjoyable user experience. It would be accessible by login through Crescent’s main website for added convenience, but also to show consumers the measures being taken to maintain safety. The home page of the Crescent site would also be redesigned to highlight the brand’s transparency and solidarity to everyone during this time.

Empathy Map

The main user of our resource hub would be the hotel management staff for the various hotels Crescent operates. The empathy map below reflects the behaviors and attitudes we envision for our main user.

Michelle Clark

45 years old | Married with 2 teen children

Currently a Genera Manager for a Marriott in Nashville, TN

Has been a loyal Marriott Employee for over 15 years

ReDesign Strategy

Step 1

Creating a More Connected
Task Flow

Crescent’s current website and COVID intranet site are 2 separate platforms. During busy and stressful times, it’s much more efficient for General Managers to have all of their content integrated into one site.

Step 2

Giving Crescent’s Home Page a Facelift

Keeping a strong brand identity and reminding clients why it’s beneficial to be within the Crescent umbrella is more crucial than ever. The goal was to create a more inviting overall feel through warmer imagery, define the brand’s essence and highlight the current portfolio of hotels to show Crescent’s continued strength and success.



Step 3

Creating a New COVID-19 Resource Login Page

To maintain a level of privacy and keep proprietary COVID-19 strategies secured within the company, a login page was created for the new resource section. Because COVID-19 is a sensitive topic and the industry was hit so hard, imagery and messaging representing support and unity were included to provide an empathetic and transparent experience.

Low fidelity

High fidelity

Step 4

Creating a New COVID Resource Section

The new resource page (or COVID-19 Resource Gateway as it was named) unifies all of the separate shared drive sections of the current COVID-19 intranet site: Resources, Webinars and Quick Links. Resources were neatly categorized by hotel department, as that was the most logical way users could find information with search capability for specific files. Finally, the design was meant to provide visual context in an authentic yet soft way.

Low fidelity

High fidelity

The Final Product

Click on the link below to access the Crescent Hotels and Resort’s redesigned home page which directly connects you to the new COVID-19 Resource Gateway, complete with neatly categorized resource files, an online video library and webinar schedule, as well as a section of quick links for key information sites.

View Webflow Prototype >

In Conclusion

We feel that Crescent Hotels and Resorts now has a new and improved user experience for General Managers and other related staff to access the information they need to navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic. The need for a strong user experience and interface design is even more crucial during a time when accurate and timely information is so vital.